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3rd-Apr-2011 11:45 am - COSPLAY IDEA - need feedback

Got an idea for a cosplay - the con next year is going with the theme of apocalypse but this doesn't really fit but also kinda does. I was thinking my all time favourite game Katamari is good for wanton destruction and it's so much fun to think of ideas for.

Do you think this would work - a giant beachball that I glue the sticky side of velcro to in stripes, which I can then stick either felt plushies or cardboard buildings to (which have velcro tabs on) and then me as the queen (the king wears skin tight lycra, so not going there). Would it be better to go as a cousin?

what i really want to know is how to make the 'pokey up bits' of the katamari ball (the nobby bits). I dont' want it to be too heavy ... what holds it's shape as a dome or semi-circle and I can glue to a beachball?

mmmmm.... i am totally going to re-create buildings from around Hobart in card to attach to my Katamari presuming I can get one that looks Katamari-like enough. Might glue a few other laughable things on there, like the companion cube and such.

Any ideas-feedback?
I'm a sucker for questionnaires

1 – First anime.
That would be the ones I saw at the Anime society at Uni, things like Hellsing, Azumanga and Lain. There was anime on telly when I was a kid but it was dubbed and not something I would have known was anime. So these new cartoons like hellsing and lain in particular were pretty wild and new!

2 – Favorite anime.
Tossup between Slayers, Haibane, Utena, Mushishi, Phantom Memory, Denno Coil and the Miyazaki movies. Probably lots more I've forgotten about. I hate havin favourites. I fuckin' loved Slayers though.

3 – Your anime crush.
Hard to say given 99% of anime females are way underage, annoying or just too different. I wouldn't complain if Integra decided to pin me against a wall though XD

4 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed.
Puni Puni Poemy. It sees the line. It crosses the line. It disappears over the bad taste horizon and accelerates.

That and Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster for reasons you'll understand if you ever watch it.

5 – Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
I'm way too boring to be an anime character. I'd love to have a cool and unique power like Yomiko Readman though. But with smaller titties.

6 – Most annoying anime character.
Easier to make a list of characters that DON'T shit me off. ANY character who exists to be so overly 'moe' as to be in a state close to vegetation or ANY character who is hypercritically obnoxious with a screechy voice. Shitty talking animal/animate-objects sidekicks included in list.

7 – Favorite anime couple.
Utena and Anthy are an awesome combination. I kind of have a soft spot for Lina and Gourry though, he's just so affably goofy and she's so insanely maniacal - he's about the only person who could possibly put up with her. What I love most about them though is that she doesn't spend her time being angsty or pining away, or being uselessly hesitant. I like my female leads to kick a measure of ass XD

8 – Most epic scene ever.
Most of the things Lina Inverse ends up doing. Including any scene where she's eating. Any time Naga is laughing. What can I say I love chaos.

9 – Saddest anime scene.
99% of Haibane. Srsly have to watch that in private with box of tissues coz i hate crying in front of ppl.

10 – Favorite slice of life anime.
See above. Not sure if Mushishi or Denno Coil count though. I like anime with some weirdness involved. Although i did like Azumanga, for it's quirkyness and simple charm.

11 – Favorite mech series.
Not really into mechs. Does Fumoffu count?

12 – An ecchi picture from your favorite series.
zelgadis,joker makeup
I am so not searching for pictures of Lina in 'ecchi' style. She's 16. As for Naga I think you'd have to put clothes ON her to bring her UP to mere 'ecchi'. Here you go, have crossdressing Zel.

Day 13 – Cosplay of your “waifu” or “husbando.”
So embarrassing. I'm ashamed enough of liking FF games these days as it is. At least she's in her 20's and kicks butt.

Day 14 – Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper.
Actually I'm kidding, I don't have one.

15 – A cute neko-girl.
kitty martina
Not into cat-girls. Does this idiot count?

16 – A kigurumi cosplay of your favorite anime character.
NO idea what that is. *goes to google* OH GOD NOOOOOOO D:

17 – Favorite tsundere.
lina,gourry,domestic violence
I dunno does Lina count?

18 – Something moe.
Depends on what ppl mean by moe. I like cute just fine but when it's twisted up with sexual connotations it give me the creeps something chronic.

19 – Mandatory swimsuit post.
Dear lord lol. Naga is already wearing one anyway.

20 – Favorite shoujo anime.
Not sure what exactly IS a shoujo anime? If they mean romance, none coz romance bores the sod outa me.

21 – Best yandere character.

22 – Favorite boy’s love couple (or yuri couple, if you don’t like that sort of thing).
I guess. Most lesbian in anime are either fanservicey or annoyingly angsty.

23 – Anime you think had the best, or most intriguing art.
Mushishi. I love the art in Mushishi. These screenies don't do it justice, I may have to rewatch and capture some.

24 – Favorite anime hero or heroine.
Lina Inverse every time. Just stay the fuck out of her way though and better yet don't live in any town she is trying to save.

25 – Best anime villian.
Want a picture of him learning guitar but google images wasn't playing ball.

26 – Your favorite harem anime.
These are usually objectionable and boring. Like I want to see a bunch of fanservice stereotypes fight over some clueless sack of anti-charisma.

27 – Favorite anime opening theme song.
I hate to admit it but probably some of the ones from Hack//Sign. That or Utena once it got the new one. I liked the new one. Actually there might be more, I tend to foward through teh opening tho.

28 – Favorite pokemon.
Never played pokemon but I love Psyduck because it gets used as an emoticon on the forums to mean 'holyWTF'.

29 – Favorite school uniform.
I'm not 14 or a pedo, sorry. Ask me about Integra's smashing sexy suit XD

30 – Anime character you want to cosplay.
Anime character I wish I had the FIGURE to cosplay - Yomiko or Naga again, coz she's so hilariously fun to cosplay. (although I'd still use fake balloon tits coz god damn if that wasn't fuckin hilarious)
1st-Mar-2011 08:53 am - Saved a Froggy!!!
Okay feeling totally smug!

This morning as I walked into the kitchen I hear this mouse-squeal noise and I thought 'Oh dear they've got a mouse cornered now I have to either try shoo it outside or hope for a quick and humane death by cat for the mouse' and when I got closer to where the two cats were intently staring at a small mound on the floor I thought 'gods that is one tiny mouse' but then it hopped!

And the cats gave it a gentle tap, it squealed! Like a mouse! I got closer and saw it was a frog!

I had no idea frogs could make that noise.

I think it got in under the back door, as it'd been raining all night. The poor thing, I thought, it's probably been chewed on - but no! It looked okay. So I scooped it up into my hand and it sat there obligingly (didn't make so much as a squeak) and I took it outside and let it go, where it sat bewildered for a while before hopping off.


I rescued a froggy and I feel all happy and smugly satisfied!
28th-Feb-2011 03:37 pm - Post your Office/Homeoffice view!
For those lucky of us to have a window of course, some of ya'll might be stuck in Cubicle Hell (I may have to send you sympathy TimTams).

I got my new office last week and am still unpacking, but I now have (for the first time in like 6 years) A WINDOW! IT HAS A VIEW! Yay!

Here is my new view. Of plants and scrub and junk, believe me after 6 yrs of nothin' this is too awesome. Tomorrow we are having a (somewhat jokey) window opening ceremony complete with ribbon and giant scissors and everything.


So - post yours too!
22nd-Feb-2011 02:20 pm - Posting here for posterity
As opposed to posterior hahaha...

Recipe!! (and vegetarian at that) So easy even I can make it.

I call it Creamy Pumpkin Pasta. Which is, to say, what it is. Those of you who eat pumpkin as a dessert will cringe but here in Oz we eat pumpkin as a vegetable so here goes...

You need:

1/2 butternut pumpkin (butternut is a small, sweet and dense pumpkin - sub in sweet potato if you want)

1 small leek (or an onion)

1 Tablespoon of seeded Mustard (the sort that is a bunch of teeny seeds in a jar not that horrible horrible yellow paste stuff)

150ml of cream (any kind of cream)

1 Tablespoon of butter

3 serves of fresh pasta (I used the flat spaghetti one I forget the name of it)

Salt/Pepper to taste

OPTIONAL: you can add other veggies to this (or meat if so inclined) - I added spinach and capsicum to mine, you add them in order of how long it takes them to cook. If you do add meat add it at the start with the leek.

What TO DO:

Take fresh pasta and put into big ole bowl and set aside. If you're using dried, get it ready while you cook the rest.

Okay, start by chopping your pumpkin into little cubes, say 1 or 2cm thick and slice up that leek and add both to a nice big pot with the butter and cook, but if the bottom of the pan is going brown take from heat and let it sit, then stir the brown into the rest and keep cooking (that brown stuff is so effing good, don't let it go to waste and don't let it burn!).

If you are adding other veggies that take a while to cook add those now. Don't add uncooked potato it won't cook in time.

Add any other quick-cooking veggies like beans - AND add the Mustard once the pumpkin starts to get a bit soft.

Let the mustard cook up for a minute or so (careful, has a tendency to spit) and then turn down heat and add the cream and salt/pepper to taste. While that's heating up and coming to a light simmer - boil a jug of water and pour over the fresh pasta in the bowl, to let it soak a bit. If you're using dried pasta you'll need to cook it up now. (or, rather, sooner probably).

DON'T let your cream burn!! Keep an eye on it!

Once the cream has lost it's "raw" taste (hard to explain, usually takes a couple minutes simmering) you can then drain and stir through the pasta and let it simmer till it thickens this will take less than a minute be careful not to burn the shit to the bottom of the pot!

Serve that sloppy mess and enjoy your sweet sweet success. Like I did, and it was good. So very good.
21st-Feb-2011 09:57 am - So it's SNOWING here now
It's February the 21st.


Late Summer. SUMMER. Hey, gods, you hear? SUM-MER that thing with sun and heat and junk?

Yeh so what's with this?



It's freezing outside! What gives?
24th-Sep-2009 02:49 pm - While I've got a moment
You gotta all do one of these they rock.

This one is from Neecho my lil sister ^__^

30th-Aug-2009 07:00 pm - Blog your favourite blogs
These are mine - tell me yours!

http://failblog.org/ (funny sometimes)

http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ (really kickass also on Sundays they do non-wreck cakes which are awesome)

http://itemnotasdescribed.com/ (funny stuff people are pawning off as free)

http://lovelylisting.com/ (baffling choices people make for real estate listings)

My brother also follows http://emailsfromcrazypeople.com/ but isn't sure of the authenticity of some of the entries.

So tell me your favourite blogs!
17th-Aug-2009 12:28 pm - Cupcake Day
Cupcake day is to raise money for the RSPCA (animal society) so here's my 'blog' on how I baked a zillion cuppy cakes for the critters.

First we have a BIIIG ole bag o'groceries. This is mainly junk to either go in or on the cupcakes. I had no idea what to bake at this point, so I covered all the bases. I think I ended up using maybe half of what I'd bought but hey now I have more excuse to cook for some other occasion.
Big bag

Here are some white chocolate raspberry mudcake cuppies.

Hazelnut coffee choc chip. I'm making these up based on existing recipes but adding my own (usually chocolate) flair.

Cute paw prints made from m&m's. I think they look cute, or like flowers with half the petals pulled off... whichever.

Here is the last batch I made that I ended up dunking in choc chips because I can't decorate for shit.

Our table looked cute at least - the ones in the top left corner are a co-workers who donated some more to the cause, much better decorated than mine. I don't use icing - so they're all ganache, chocolate, cream cheese or cream. Mmmm... diet be gone.

The most popular ones were the ones in the middle left - the gingerbread and lemon cream cheese frosting. They were YUMMY and only 1 was left by the end. We raised a little over $150 and have leftovers to last the next morning tea at least. Yay!
22nd-Jul-2009 04:34 pm - Dad Renovation Bathroom Progress
Dad is renovating their bathroom from an old bedroom. These first 15 or so shots are the initial work. I'll update as he sends photos.

Click Here For Lots of photosCollapse )

I'll be back with more pics if dad ever sends me more.
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