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Posting here for posterity 
22nd-Feb-2011 02:20 pm
As opposed to posterior hahaha...

Recipe!! (and vegetarian at that) So easy even I can make it.

I call it Creamy Pumpkin Pasta. Which is, to say, what it is. Those of you who eat pumpkin as a dessert will cringe but here in Oz we eat pumpkin as a vegetable so here goes...

You need:

1/2 butternut pumpkin (butternut is a small, sweet and dense pumpkin - sub in sweet potato if you want)

1 small leek (or an onion)

1 Tablespoon of seeded Mustard (the sort that is a bunch of teeny seeds in a jar not that horrible horrible yellow paste stuff)

150ml of cream (any kind of cream)

1 Tablespoon of butter

3 serves of fresh pasta (I used the flat spaghetti one I forget the name of it)

Salt/Pepper to taste

OPTIONAL: you can add other veggies to this (or meat if so inclined) - I added spinach and capsicum to mine, you add them in order of how long it takes them to cook. If you do add meat add it at the start with the leek.

What TO DO:

Take fresh pasta and put into big ole bowl and set aside. If you're using dried, get it ready while you cook the rest.

Okay, start by chopping your pumpkin into little cubes, say 1 or 2cm thick and slice up that leek and add both to a nice big pot with the butter and cook, but if the bottom of the pan is going brown take from heat and let it sit, then stir the brown into the rest and keep cooking (that brown stuff is so effing good, don't let it go to waste and don't let it burn!).

If you are adding other veggies that take a while to cook add those now. Don't add uncooked potato it won't cook in time.

Add any other quick-cooking veggies like beans - AND add the Mustard once the pumpkin starts to get a bit soft.

Let the mustard cook up for a minute or so (careful, has a tendency to spit) and then turn down heat and add the cream and salt/pepper to taste. While that's heating up and coming to a light simmer - boil a jug of water and pour over the fresh pasta in the bowl, to let it soak a bit. If you're using dried pasta you'll need to cook it up now. (or, rather, sooner probably).

DON'T let your cream burn!! Keep an eye on it!

Once the cream has lost it's "raw" taste (hard to explain, usually takes a couple minutes simmering) you can then drain and stir through the pasta and let it simmer till it thickens this will take less than a minute be careful not to burn the shit to the bottom of the pot!

Serve that sloppy mess and enjoy your sweet sweet success. Like I did, and it was good. So very good.
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