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COSPLAY IDEA - need feedback 
3rd-Apr-2011 11:45 am

Got an idea for a cosplay - the con next year is going with the theme of apocalypse but this doesn't really fit but also kinda does. I was thinking my all time favourite game Katamari is good for wanton destruction and it's so much fun to think of ideas for.

Do you think this would work - a giant beachball that I glue the sticky side of velcro to in stripes, which I can then stick either felt plushies or cardboard buildings to (which have velcro tabs on) and then me as the queen (the king wears skin tight lycra, so not going there). Would it be better to go as a cousin?

what i really want to know is how to make the 'pokey up bits' of the katamari ball (the nobby bits). I dont' want it to be too heavy ... what holds it's shape as a dome or semi-circle and I can glue to a beachball?

mmmmm.... i am totally going to re-create buildings from around Hobart in card to attach to my Katamari presuming I can get one that looks Katamari-like enough. Might glue a few other laughable things on there, like the companion cube and such.

Any ideas-feedback?
3rd-Apr-2011 02:44 am (UTC)
NA NAAAAAAAAA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA..... There's a link to what Google gives you for "Katamari cosplay tutorial". I'm sure it'll be useful. But do remember that, whatever you have as a cosplay prop, you'll likely have to carry it around all day, so don't go too far overboard.

But I love the idea of putting the companion cube on your katamari. ^_^

Also, your mood with that icon? Awesome.
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