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Saved a Froggy!!! 
1st-Mar-2011 08:53 am
Okay feeling totally smug!

This morning as I walked into the kitchen I hear this mouse-squeal noise and I thought 'Oh dear they've got a mouse cornered now I have to either try shoo it outside or hope for a quick and humane death by cat for the mouse' and when I got closer to where the two cats were intently staring at a small mound on the floor I thought 'gods that is one tiny mouse' but then it hopped!

And the cats gave it a gentle tap, it squealed! Like a mouse! I got closer and saw it was a frog!

I had no idea frogs could make that noise.

I think it got in under the back door, as it'd been raining all night. The poor thing, I thought, it's probably been chewed on - but no! It looked okay. So I scooped it up into my hand and it sat there obligingly (didn't make so much as a squeak) and I took it outside and let it go, where it sat bewildered for a while before hopping off.


I rescued a froggy and I feel all happy and smugly satisfied!
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